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When searching for a mold there are several options available to suit your needs.  If you are hand pouring or using a larger piece of equipment to deposit your product directly into the molds.  Below we have examples of the different sized molds available as well as how they would work for your kitchen.  

What's a "Depositor"?

A depositor is a machine with a heated hopper that dispenses liquid candy row by row into the mold, these can fill the mold cavities manual or automatic. 

The depositor mold is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with machines equipped with heated hoppers, delivering unparalleled efficiency and precision in candy production.

Universal Depositors Molds 

Universal Depositor refers to a commonly used hand crank depositor with 8 nozzles.

The universal depositor tray GENERALLY has an inside measurement of 15" x 11.5". 

Designed for versatility and ease of use, our depositor mold is compatible with a wide range of candy-making machines, making it ideal for both small-scale kitchen operations and large-scale industrial production.

Whether filling the mold cavities manually or automatically, our depositor mold ensures uniform distribution of candy, resulting in perfectly shaped candies with

every use.

Slab Molds

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with our slab silicone molds, a game-changer for gummy production. The slab mold is a versatile option that enables you to create your masterpieces in one large piece, maximizing space and allowing you to produce a higher number of gummies.

With the ability to use a wire or cutter to effortlessly cut all pieces at once, the slab silicone mold streamlines the production process, saving time and ensuring uniformity in every batch. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless creativity with our innovative slab molds!

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