Need to figure out the weight of your gummy by the volume?

Collaborating with numerous kitchens, we determined that the average density of their mixture in the recipe is 1.4 grams per milliliter.

Meaning that the weight is about 1.4 the weight of water, for the same volume. 

So multiply the volume of your mold cavity by 1.4 to get the weight of a gummy from that mold.

Example: 3 ml x 1.4 = 4.2 gram per gummy

Example for Cavity Calculation weight

Know your cavity volume

Measure with water your cavity volume, we recommend you to use a syringe. If you buy from Vector Molds make sure to note the cavity volume.
In this example the cavity volume is 1 mL

Make fun calculations

With the 1.4 density gummy factor multiply the cavity volume.
in this case 1 mL x 1.4 g/mL = 1.4 g

Weight of a single cavity

Perfect! Now we know that the weigh of a single cavity is 1.4g.

Example For Full Mold Calculation Weight

Weight of the full candy mold

Now multiply your 1.4 g per the number of cavities. In this case 1.4 g x 478 cavities= 669.2g 

Weight of your mixture

Good to go! Now we know the full weight of your mixture is 669.2g 

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