Need to figure out the weight of your gummy by the volume?

A typical gummy is about 80-82 Brix (% total solids), as measured on a refractometer at room temperature. 

The weight is about 1.4 g/ml the weight of water, for the same volume. 

So multiply the volume of your mold cavity by 1.4 to get the weight of a gummy from that mold.

Example: 3 ml x 1.4 g/ml = 4.2 gram gummy

Example for Cavity Calculation weight

Know your cavity volume

Measure with water your cavity volume, we recommend you to use a syringe. If you buy from Vector Molds make sure to note the cavity volume.
In this example the cavity volume is 1 mL

Make fun calculations

With the 1.4 density gummy factor multiply the cavity volume.
in this case 1 mL x 1.4 g/mL = 1.4 g

Weight of a single cavity

Perfect! Now we know that the weigh of a single cavity is 1.4g.

Example For Full Mold Calculation Weight

Weight of the full candy mold

Now multiply your 1.4 g per the number of cavities. In this case 1.4 g x 478 cavities= 669.2g 

Weight of your mixture

Good to go! Now we know the full weight of your mixture is 669.2g 

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