The Real Cost of Each Gummy Mold: Space and Production Optimization
The Real Cost of Each Silicone Gummy Mold: Space and Production Optimization

Alright - You’re in the market for new, food grade silicone gummy molds. Chances are, you’ve either finally decided you can’t ignore the huge consumer demand for gummies and candies any longer, or you’ve just run into too many de-molding, quality or durability issues with your current provider. Whatever the case, here's something VERY important to ask yourself before you purchase.

"How can I best optimize my production space and set myself up to meet daily gummy production goals as we scale?" 

One easy answer - make sure you get the right silicone molds with optimal cavity spacing. The further apart the cavities, the more production space, drying racks and overall time you are going to need in order to meet production goals. 

Take a look at the gummy mold comparison below:
This first mold measures in at 11.5 x 15 inches and has 54 cavities per mold. At that size, you could fit two molds per 18 x 26 inch sheet pan and would produce 108 gummies or candies per sheet pan.
THC Silicone Gummy Mold 
Now compare that to one of our Vector Gummy Molds.
Our Colorado State Warning THC Gummy Mold measures in at roughly the same size but has 192 cavities per mold (fitting two per sheet pan as seen below). At that size, you would be producing 384 gummies per sheet pan!
Vector Silicone Gummy Molds
The Vector Silicone Gummy Molds in this case would increase your production output by 255% using the same space and time!
The biggest reason we've seen such huge growth in the demand for our molds is not just the quality (platinum cured - good for thousands of uses) but they also streamline production and increase daily output dramatically when compared with the old gummy molds. Whether you are looking for generic THC Gummy Molds, or Custom Candy Molds, time and scalability are important!

If you're expecting to succeed in the cannabis or CBD industries - which I'm expecting you are, you need to set yourself up so you can scale. Do yourself a favor and partner with a company that knows how to help. We are constantly working with companies to provide better solutions to their scalability problems. If you're using a special depositor or don't see the exact solution on our stock gummy molds page, reach out to us here and I'm confident we can provide you with something that will!