The number one question people ask when inquiring about Silicone Gummy Molds for THC and CBD production?
"What is this Nevada THC gummy mold going to cost me?"

The answer is not always as simple as "$300 Dollars" Really, you need to ask what is the CpC (Cost per Cavity)? How many gummy molds total am I going to need? How big is the gummy mold?

For instance, take a look at our Nevada State THC Gummy Mold, the cost for this specific silicone gummy mold is $150.

That cost, for this gummy mold compared to a $70 dollar generic THC gummy mold sold on Amazon, may seem like you are paying a premium.. However, let's look a little deeper. Take a look at the specs of two different high ranking gummy molds on Amazon and let's compare.

54 cavities per half sheet @ $69.77
108 cavities per Sheet pan @ $139.54

Looks a lot cheaper, but when you break it down to Cost per Cavity (CpC), it tells a much different story.

Cost per Cavity:
1st Amazon THC Gummy Mold: 54 Cavities at $69.77 = $1.29 CpC
2nd Amazon THC Gummy Mold: 108 Cavities at $139.54 = $1.29 CpC
Vector Nevada THC Gummy Mold: 224 Cavities at $150 : $0.66 CpC

Not only do you end up paying over twice as much per cavity when using the generic molds on Amazon, but they are going to take up WAY more space in the production and drying phases of manufacturing! You are paying more because you need to purchase more gummy molds to meet demand!

We see this A LOTNot only do companies end up charging you more while thinking you're paying less, they end up making it harder on you when manufacturing THC gummies because the cavities spaced out further than they need to be.

In conclusion, when comparing prices on CBD or THC gummy molds, always ask yourself these questions:
1) What is the Cost per Cavity (CpC)?
2) How big is the mold? Quarter Pan? Half Pan? Full Sized Sheet Pan?
3) How many molds am I going to have to buy in order to meet production demands?